Frequently Asked Questions

Mug n' Bun is a unique dining experience. Below is a list of commonly asked questions by our customers

How long has Mug n' Bun been open?
Our restaurant has been serving fine food for nearly 50 years, since 1960!

What kind of oil do you use in your fryers?
We use 100% canola oil in our fryers.

Is your Rootbeer caffeinated?
No, we do not add any caffeine to our homemade rootbeer.

What kind of fish do you use?
We use cod for all of our fish meals. The small fish is battered, while our large fish is breaded.

What comes regularly on your sandwiches?
Our sandwiches are made to order, and as such, come with nothing on them. Because we're a smaller restaurant, we have to add a little extra cost for toppings, so customers who do not want the toppings are not forced to pay the extra cost for things they do not want.

What is the Mug n' Bun Special? What is the Super Burger?
The Super Burger is one of our double cheeseburgers with some bacon, and the Special is a cheeseburger served on toast with bacon.

What is the difference between a normal cheeseburger and a grilled cheeseburger?
Our grilled cheeseburger is essentially a classic grilled cheese sandwich with a hamburger patty.

I'm on a diet, what healthier food options do you have available?
We recently added a diet root beer recipe for root beer lovers who want to cut back on calories, and offer salads and a variety of grilled items (chicken and pork tenderloins) for a healthier alternative to fried food.

Why are gallons of root beer only availble for take home orders?
We sell gallons and half gallons of root beer so customers can take it home to enjoy it. We sell our homemade product at a fairly low price because we only sell for take home orders. If we did not, we would likely have to raise the price of our gallons and half gallons to make up for the cost.

How long does a gallon of root beer keep?
Unfortunately, we do not have the technology to properly pressurize our gallons and half gallons. If properly refigerated and kept tightly sealed, the root beer's carbonation should last about a week.

I'm a member of a car club. Do you serve car clubs at your restaurant?
While we are a drive in and do appreciate seeing cool cars on our lot, having customers milling about showing off cars turns into a safety liability. Also, since we rely heavily on a high turnover rate, we cannot afford to have parking spaces taken up for long periods of time.