The Mug N Bun Dine-In

For years, Mug N Bun was Indy's finest Drive-In Restaurant, but now we are pleased to announce that we have indoor seating available, a dream that became a reality for us thanks to all of the customers who participated in our summer 2009 fundraiser drawing.

A New Dining Option
Until now, customers could eat either in their car or at our outdoor picnic area, in what we like to call the Mug N Bun Experience. But when the weather was bad or during winter, we realized that this was not always enjoyable for our customers, so we decided to start the Dine In so we could take the Mug N Bun Experience indoors.

A Place for Mug N Bun Pizza Customers
Mug N Bun Pizza customers have only had the option to take their food home, but we invite those customers to bring their meal to our Dine-In. In this way we are able to give our Mug N Bun Pizza customers a taste of the Mug N Bun experience as well.

Private Parties
While the Dine In is available to our regular customers throughout the day, we will also be offering the option to rent out the facility for special events, such as:

If you are interested in booking please call or e-mail Fay Bain at 317-840-2561 or for more information.